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Buy and Sell Drugs TODAY!!!

Have you ever wanted to have your own DRUG EMPIRE?!

Have you ever wanted to be a criminal?!

Have you ever wanted to gun down innocent civilians if they cross your path?

If your answer is yes to one or more of those questions then you should probably seek mental health... Or play this game!

Drug Lord 2016 is a game where you cant win! There is no end to this game! You just buy and sell until you go up the ranks and get overcome by the slowly increasing swarms of enemies!


Buy drugs, upgrades, new weapons and more


Sell your ever expanding quantity and quality of drugs and try to make millions Walter White Style


Fight through groups of police, animals, citizens and more! Don't want to fight? Then run, bribe or surrender


You might think combat is easy to begin with. But with health packs costing a metric methton of cash you might end up dying faster than you thought!

Note to users.

This game is in very early development and I would really appreciate any help when it comes to finding bugs and suggesting new feature or ways to play. The game is currently free to play with no microtransaction and thats the way I want it to stay. Not all the features listed above are in the game however I plan to add all of them very soon... To enable all the features go into the options menu and enable 'Beta Mode' this will allow you to encounter enemies and start combat. The game does require an install this is because I am utilizing Microsoft's 'ClickOnce' deployment so that I can push updates out to the user the game can easily be uninstalled by using 'Add or Remove Programs'

P.S, Please don't use, sell, market drugs. The game is for education only :P

I hope you enjoy the game. If you don't, then come back and tell me why. All opinions and feedback are valued!


Install instructions

Run Setup.exe. The game will notify you of updates when you load the game.


DrugLord 2016 Install Package 534 kB

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